TOXMAP® is a Geographic Information System (GIS) from the Division of Specialized Information Services of the US National Library of Medicine® (NLM) that uses maps of the United States and Canada to help users visually explore data primarily from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and Superfund Program.

There are two versions of TOXMAP: the beta (or pre-release) of a Flash-based version, and TOXMAP classic. This FAQ will help you decide which version of TOXMAP to use.

TOXMAP is a resource funded by the US Federal Government; it does not allow advertising on the site or endorse any company or product. It also cannot respond to questions about individual medical cases, provide second opinions, or make specific recommendations regarding therapy. Those issues should be addressed directly with your healthcare provider.

TOXMAP's chemical and environmental health information is taken from NLM's TOXNET® and PubMed®, and from other authoritative sources.

Read more about TOXMAP and its data sources or check out the TOXMAP Fact Sheet.