How current is the TRI data that TOXMAP uses?

TOXMAP uses the most current, final TRI data available from the EPA. 1987 is the first reporting year of the TRI program, but by industry convention, 1988 is the first year that TRI data is used for analysis. Data submission deadlines, data entry processes, and data quality control and review all influence the actual date of data release.  You may download data from the 1987 TRI year directly from EPA.

Prior to the final release of a given TRI release year, EPA publishes a preliminary dataset of the upcoming release data. However, TOXMAP does not update TRI data until it is final.

A complete list of the TRI chemicals currently available in TOXMAP can be found on the list of TRI chemicals [NOTE: link is to TOXMAP classic].  EPA's TRI-Listed Chemicals page provides a complete list of TRI chemicals required to be reported to the EPA.

NOTE: At this time, TOXMAP uses reported on-site releases only. Some TRI chemicals have no reported releases, and so will not appear in the TRI release data or in TOXMAP.

For more information, see the TRI Fact Sheet.