Quick Tips

  • This Help pertains to the beta (or pre-release) of a new version of NLM's TOXMAP. The beta continues to evolve, so in some cases what you see and read here may not exactly match what you find when you use TOXMAP.
  • TOXMAP lets you explore toxic chemicals released into the environment by certain industries and present in hazardous waste sites. The US EPA collects and maintains this data (see more about TOXMAP data).
  • You can browse all TOXMAP facilities, zoom the map to a particular location, or search for facilities or chemicals in a city, state, or ZIP code. You can get information on chemicals, including effects on human health and exposure to chemicals in the workplace. You can also see demographic data color-coded at the county level.
  • Explore the map by clicking and dragging the mouse, by using the mouse wheel, by using the Zoom Control in the upper left corner, or by holding down the Shift key and drawing a rectangle on the map.
  • After you've completed a Search, switch between viewing search results and browsing all facilities via the Map Contents side panel.
  • You can collapse the Map Contents and Search Results side panels with the arrow icons (leftward facing arrow icons) in the corner--this leaves more room for your map.
  • TOXMAP works best at higher screen resolutions, with your web browser set to fill the entire screen. It is not recommended for small screens, very slow computers, or slow or unreliable Internet connections. In these cases, try TOXMAP classic.
  • For more information, see other areas of this Help, or try these other help resources for TOXMAP.
  • We value your feedback! Please contact us and tell us what you think of the new TOXMAP.