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TOXMAP news dating back to 2004 is now archived at the TOXMAP classic News page [LINK REMOVED]. TOXMAP classic news will continue to appear there. News pertaining to all versions of TOXMAP will appear here.

New-look TOXMAP now available!

A beta (or pre-release) of a new version of TOXMAP is now available. It provides an improved map appearance and interactive capabilities as well as a more current GIS look-and-feel. This includes seamless panning, immediate update of search results when zooming to a location, two collapsible side panels to maximize map size, and automatic size adjustment after a window resize. The new TOXMAP also has improved U.S. Census layers and availability by Census Tract (2000 and 2010), Canadian National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) data, U.S. commercial nuclear power plants, and improved and updated congressional district boundaries. More features are planned, including some from the original version of TOXMAP that are not currently offered in the new version.

The current version of TOXMAP will be renamed TOXMAP classic and will remain operational (with updated data, but no new features) while the new TOXMAP is in pre-release. In the coming months, a new TOXMAP home page will help users choose between and access the old and new versions.

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