Tox-App: a TOXMAP-like app for iOS

Tox-App lets iOS users search for industrial facilities that reported releasing certain chemicals into the environment to the US EPA TRI program. Tox-App includes a subset of about 100 TRI chemicals for the most current TRI year.

Tox-App was developed by NLM interns and is based on the web-based version of TOXMAP. Tox-App provides some of the basic TOXMAP functions, including the ability to search for reporting facilities, or browse for these facilities by chemical, state, or county.

You can download Tox-App from the Apple App Store

New TOXMAP web site

An all-new TOXMAP web site is now available at This site links to both the new Flash-based version of TOXMAP (the TOXMAP beta) and to the older version, now called TOXMAP classic.

The new site contains a FAQ, News, Glossary, video tutorials, and more. TOXMAP classic will have a new URL:

We encourage you to try the new version of TOXMAP. This FAQ will help you decide which version of TOXMAP to use.

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